The Longest Night Campaign is a UK local project for the promotion of Winter Solstice which provides 16 different offers hourly from 4PM to 7AM, brand is expecting a new promotion to engage more customers and create more sales before Christmas.



I’ve provided an original visual/animation design for homepage banner (video) which was taking over whole Estée Lauder homepage when it launched. I was in charge of art direction, visual design, user journey/experience and front-end developments.


What I’ve done here:

Communicating with clients and transforming the concept into creative.

Planing the flow and experience including interaction to engage users more.

Making video in After Effects.

Building up the homepage and landing page with animated background
by using html5 + CSS3 to create better experience.



The design also applied to 4 emails, Offer page, and Estée Lauder UK Facebook advents.
The performance of the emails was great (sales £53K, CR 3.28%, sessions 30K)   and PPC (sales £30K, CR 4.68, traffic 8K).
The Facebook advents got 68k views.

This is the very first time for Estée Lauder UK team to achieve a campaign in this level, it not only show my professionals and creativity but also proves that the relationship and communications I’ve built up with my clients are positive.

The feedback is terrific from both UK and US Global team.
The total demand revenue was £140K, which is +36% on the Longest Day back in June 2017.