The brand wants to offer a perfume finder tool for online users to help them to purchase the right products. The tool itself should be a playful approach, providing delightful experience and interactions, and it should be easy to use on multi devices. The user will be asked a series of questions from which they will then be matched with 3 perfumes.




Design Process

Who we are designing for:

  • online users
  • wants to find out or purchase the products quickly
  • not familiar with the brand and products
  • wants to share or create a wish list


Based on the user need above, what we can define for this tool:

  • should be easily accessing from the website –  should be on the footer or main nav
  • the questions should be easy to interact with, primarily using visual to imply the answer
  • can always close the tool during the questions if they need
  • the result should be able to lead users to the SPP or collection induction so users can learn more about details and brand.
  • the result should enable user to add the product in the cart to make the purchase quick and easy for users.
  • the result can be shared on social media so users are able to share and it can also drive others traffics back to the page to hit more consumers.
  • the result can be saved in the profile wish list when the user is log in.


Brainstorming – where should we put the tool to make it stand out from other menu?

The current homepage is packed and a bit copy heavy, so adding in main nav or footer are not good enough to make it stand out. The better solution I advise that is applying the tool link on the ribbon at the bottom right. It can be very easily noticeable and users can access the perfume finder no matter which page they are look at.




User flow



Visual Design

  • making onborading experience appealing to keep users engaged – using the video for the full screen background
  • creating smooth auto-scrolling experience to direct user to next stage
  • using visual instead of text for the answers