Demo : Demonstration & Democracy


Demo is a mobile application that allows protesters to share their real-time information during a demonstration. By adding and editing the reports, it allows people to obtain more appropriate directions on the spot and makes everyone in the demonstration work in sync. Furthermore, it provides a virtual community to bring together people who have the same public concerns.

Nowadays, there are more and more street protests happened all over the world. It is such an encouraging idea that these demonstrations assemble people and enables them to stand for justice and other social issues. At any demonstration you may find people from many different backgrounds, but they all have the same faith in a better world. It it is common, however, to see a large group of people gathering together, expending lots of energy and time but eventually attaining very little progress as regards their initial purpose. What is even worse is that sometimes people might become injured during the clashes that sometimes happen at demonstrations. As a matter of fact, many street protests, end in violent confrontations with the police.

As many frontline protesters have experienced, in a massive march, every now and then, there were misleading different rumors everywhere. In such situations it is quite hard to tell that who and what is believable or which information can be trusted to help them to avoid danger. The anxiety and tense atmosphere that fills the air around them usually comes about due of the lack of the sync information.



The Process



Define the Features

The original concept of this project was to aim to reduce the number of injuries at protests and to help to improve the organization of the protest so that it can probably allow them to achieve more. It is also to be noted by protesters that an reliable supply of immediate messages telling them about what is happening around them could probably assist them.

Almost everyone has a smartphone today, that it is able to show the users current location. By using GPS technology, people can report actual incidents that occur at the same time that they experience them. In the meanwhile, it also instructs and reminds other people demonstrating near by. During some violent conflicts, it might be useful to both groups of demonstrators, those people who need to avoid trouble and those who would like to help. Thus, real-time information that directs protesters could be extremely practical and useful. It could possibly benefit the whole protest itself.

Although it is unacceptable today that the police continue to arrest protesters even though they do not break any laws. Should this happen the use of voice recording can be very important evidence to protect people from the use of fabricated evidence by the police.

In addition, regarding the general protesters, there are some other common situations that can happen to anyone: people might get separated from their friends in the crowd. By adding friends and sharing data with them, users can know their friends and family’s locations. Through telling them where they are located and also information on their safety.


1. Anonymity

It is a growing trend that users can register or login by their Facebook accounts. As the popularity of Facebook makes it one of the most common areas for social contact online, it is maybe the most convenient way for users to contact each other. In spite of the fact that it is popular the use of Facebook for such things is highly un-recommended as it is very easy for governments to monitor and track use of this platform. It is generally believed that social networks such as Facebook and twitter have exposed lots of personal information to the authorities. For this reason, the idea is that all users should be able to remain anonymous in this app, this is one of the central idea for the project. In this case, users do not need to register or connect to any other social media to login in the application.


2. Use

It should be very simple to enter the app, for people to enter the main function page and to use directly the app functions.


3. Virtual profile

Most people do not like to be put under a label. Especially when it comes to some political and society issues, the majority people might choose to become more silent. Demonstrations bring people together. It would be shame that if supporters couldn’t find anyone to share and discuss the ideas. Therefore, another most important idea for the project is to build a virtual community to assembling protesters together.

The project enables users to create an online profile. People can edit their political bias and social issues that they are concern about to interact with others. There are thousands of social media applications today, however, it is merely to see a well-design platform that makes people meet each through the particular critical tendency.

As the technology advances, social networks offer a huge help to social movements. People can create events and pages from social media such as Facebook. As a matter of fact, it is so easy that people may forget or be distracted by other information just in a second after the click. It is interesting to see that the number of people who confirm the invitation sometimes much higher than the physical amount.

One of the most common ways for the government and the police to suppress the impact of a protest is by manipulating the number of the protesters that attended, by lowering the number of people that attended they seek to make an illusion that the issue is not a concern and to decrease the heat. It is true that numbers speak even more than people expect. What if we combine the figure in the virtual world and the physical world? Maybe then it would convinced the public that they are many people concerned about this issue and possibly it could helps the supporters to access further.

The mobile phone allows us to communicate with other individuals, and it also locates where we are, it can track our routes and status such as running or walking. This data honestly records people’s daily moment. The data is also a great opportunity to combine with information about the demonstration. Production of accurate real time data on protest numbers is likely to be a tool for communication of a stronger statement in the protest.

The project provides a wider possibility that it encourages protesters sharing their information to communicate with the others instead of hiding themselves. And the same time, it also educates people about the value of the demonstration and democracy.



Task Flow:





Sketch Wireframes





Logo Design:

By using GPS technology to report protesters locations. The location marker would be right for the project. To add the banned sign that warns and remind people the danger.




Icon Design:

icon sketch


How to selecting the report event?

First of all, the majority confrontations cause injures, danger is the first reason why we need to report. Secondly, those factors which could stop or limit the protesters marching might be a another important message to tell.
It would be distracted if everything is put in the windows. The width of screen could be too small for over 4 icons. In the end, I selected six and made them into two lines.

According to Wikipedia, “Riot Control“ refers to control, disperse and arrest people who involved in a riot, or protest by the police. There are several equipment for personal protection as the following: the helmet, the mask.
And the general weapons they carry with are batons, the shied.

Some other control agents such as water cannon, tear gas, pepper spray and smoke bomb may be used in the protest.

The common way to block the street is setting the barriers to closed the road. There are several different types : barbed wire or blade type. If people try to get through, it could cause injured.

Thus, I selected the most common and easier to be recognized: the police, the water cannon, the shield wall, barbed wire, the arrests.







User flow & Interface Design